Criminal Minds: Best Episodes To Watch

These are the Criminal Minds best episodes that teach you a lot of things. Keep in mind; these episodes will help you understand the criminal’s mentality and how their way of thinking is different from the ordinary people.

1. 100

This scene highlighted the last confrontation between Hotch and The Reaper. Reaper was known as one of the most dangerous and hated criminals in the Criminal Minds episode. The story of this episode is, the BAU comes together to save the Hotch as well as his family when the Reaper returns to the town and tries to attack him and his family. The Reaper had already killed the Hotch’s ex-wife and 20 other people. Hotch included himself in that case but unable to find any clues. However, after killing these 21 people, Reaper left the city. But after 11 years, he comes back to the town and again starts killing. What will happen next? To know it, watch this criminal episode.

2. Masterpiece

A narcissistic mental case admits to slaughtering seven individuals. Also, the serial killer claims that he will kill another five innocent people and challenge the BAU to find and arrest him. Jason Alexander played the role of the serial killer and played his role amazingly. His performance made this episode one of the best criminal minds episodes.

3. Revelations

The episode starts with an intelligent man, Reid. No doubt, Reid is a multi-talented man, but he has many personal problems. His mom experiences schizophrenia and is systematised. Reid is caught by a chronic executioner named Tobias Hankel who is suffering from a split character problem. The BAU group attempts to find Reid after watching a video of Hankel manhandling Reid goes on air. Reid likewise gets flashbacks of his adolescence due to being drugged by his captor.

4. True Genius

This is another of the best episodes of criminal minds. This episode is motivated by real-life Zodiac. Who left secretive messages at the scenes where he/she submitted kills and was rarely gotten. This criminal episode follows a small kid named Caleb, who is beautiful yet has been motivated by the Zodiac executioner. Spencer Reid attempts to address this case and attempts to reconstruct his certainty as he feels that he hasn’t satisfied his assumptions.

5. The Fisher King

The Fisher King season takes place in two episodes. The story starts with Randall Garner, who lost his family in a fire. He turned out to be seriously deformed by the fire and got systematised because of his psychological maladjustment. Later, he targets the BAU members and harms them. Apart from the episode’s surprising anticlimax, this episode is also full of thriller and engaging.

6. Zugzwang

Zugzwang is also considered as one of the best episodes of criminal minds that is full of thrilling and has an anticlimactic ending. This episode starts with the stalker, Diane who laterally kidnapped Reid’s girlfriend. Rest of the story is to talk based on how BAU tracked his activities and rescued Reid’s girlfriend.

7. Amplification

The storyline of this episode is about a serial killer, Chad Brown. With a motive, Chad Brown wants to show the world how the weak areas could be to fear monger assaults. He completes a Bacillus anthracis assault which taints Spencer Reid. Reid tackles the case from isolation before he uses up all available time yet, fortunately, gets the immunisation.

Have you watched all these episodes and which one made you impressed the most? Let’s visit our blog here to know more about this popular series if you are a big fan of criminal series. 



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